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Common Energy announces sustainability collaboration with internet companies

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Common Energy announced this Wednesday it launched a collaboration with internet and software companies like Microsoft, LinkedIn, Corning, Akamai, and VMware to offer a sustainability benefit to each companies’ employees.

Firstly, the partnership involves Common Energy’s Clean Energy Benefit Program; in which the companies’ employees can enroll to support community solar projects that feed the electrical grid with clean energy.

Moreover, each employee who enrolls in the program receives clean energy credits that lower their electricity cost each month. There is no cost to the employer or the employee. However, their support replace fossil fuels use and lowers the greenhouse gas emissions in the community.

Secondly, Common Energy has partners across four states on the nation, for the support of nearly 50 megawatts of clean energy capacity. Altogether, the projects generate more than 66 million kilowatt hours of clean power, and prevent the emission of almost 32 million pounds of carbon emissions annually.

Thirdly, over the entire lifetime of the community solar projects, they are expected to produce over 1 billion of kilowatts hours of clean energy, and prevent more than. 600 million pounds of emissions, also.

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Common Energy, through partnerships, strengthening community solar

On the other hand, projects already supported in Common Energy’s program are located across four states of the nation; they serve major cities and rural areas alike. Them being in Carver Massachusetts, with 2,8 MW of capacity; ins Lostant, IL, with 2,9 MW; and Mecklenburg, NY, with 2,3 MW.

In addition, the partnership with LinkedIn, Microsoft and the other companies is a culmination of nearly three years of work; it represents the first large-scale program to directly involve employees in community solar.

Consequently, Richard Keiser, CEO of Common Energy, said. “We hope that these partnerships will encourage more organizations to proactively engage their employees and members in sustainability; in general and also in local community solar projects.”

Also, Peggy Brannigan, Director of Global Environmental Sustainability, stated. “LinkedIn’s vision of creating economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce includes helping to accelerate a clean energy economy and supporting green jobs.”

Finally, Adam Hecktman, Director of Microsoft Philanthropies, concluded. “Community solar is also a great way to enable residents and our employees to live out their values and commitments to clean energy.”

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