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November Energy Capital Magazine

Energy Capital Magazine

Energy Capital Magazine. Editorial Letter:Driving change through innovation, industries keeping up with a transitioning economy

Dear Reader
It is a great pleasure for us to bring you our new Issue of Energy Capital The Magazine. It’s the very first publication with an integral approach on every sector of the energy industry in North America. And especially designed for infrastructure developers, decision makers, investors and executives.

In our November Issue we review the challenges and opportunities for industrial users facing the energy transition. Also, the deep changes in regards to commodity use, prices, and its impact in production lines.

Indeed, as the energy transition came, natural gas transformed into the bridge towards a less carbonized economy. Through the use of this commodity, heavy industries like cement and steel manufacturing. But also power generation, headed towards cleaner operations.

However, the switch to natural gas created a huge demand that, on top of geopolitical events. Like the phasing out of coal in China, and the commission of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, skyrocketed its prices, pushing industries to switch once again to coal or oil.

Indeed, this last couple of months have been challenging for industries around the world. Nevertheless, new technologies like carbon capture, and new financing and energy purchasing schemes are allowing companies to keep up with the transition. It bringing new solutions like the use of nuclear energy for crypto mining or the use of solar and wind energy for data centers.

Energy Capital Magazine

In this issue you will learn how and why carbon capture has become a key enabler for development. You will also dive into new financing schemes like peerto-peer energy. And how it is enabling blockchain technology and renewable energy thrive together.

Furthermore, you will read about new advancements in water management, and how a sustainable approach to it can truly advance cleaner operations, in order to reach faster climate targets, particularly for the midstream industry. A sector that has true challenges ahead as a good number of key projects got cancelled, and many other are under strong scrutiny.

On the other hand, you will have an overlook of the most important events worldwide in the industry economic panorama. And how companies are riding the wave in order to survive in a highly disrupted market.

Finally, you will read about the most efficient strategies for vehicle electrification and how top companies of the sector are approaching the issue. Specially as new technologies like semiconductors or even fuel cell vehicles and biogas are opening new commercial doors, and creating a diverse market. Do not miss our opinion columns by our board members.

So, without further due we present to you our November issue of Energy Capital The Magazine. Do not forget to reach us out on our social media. Also make sure to follow on our daily news forecast and newsletters on our website. Welcome!

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