Duke Energy brings new solar project online; reaches 10,000MW milestone

Duke Energy

Duke Energy, one of America’s largest energy companies, brought online the Pflugerville Solar facility this Thursday; with which the company has now reached a new milestone; it owns, operates and has energy purchases for 10,000 megawatts of clean energy throughout the United States from both its regulated and nonregulated businesses. 

Firstly, the Pflugerville Solar project locates in Travis County, Texas; it has around 144 MW of capacity, and it is the fifth utility scale solar facility that the company has placed in the state. However, there is another project coming for Texas; the 250-MW Pisgah Ridge Solar project in Navarro County; which will come online by the end of 2022.

Secondly, the output from the Pflugerville Solar is already sold under a power purchase agreement; with Austin Energy for a period of 15 years. Under the PPA, Austin Energy will push forward its clean energy commitments.

Thirdly, after bringing online this substantial project, Duke Energy reached its milestone of 10,000 MW of clean energy; becoming one of the U.S.’s largest renewable energy providers. It now has a renewables portfolio that covers nearly 200 sites in 22 states; with 1000 MW of new power under construction.

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Duke Energy with at least a dozen more projects to come online during 2022

Moreover, at peak output, the company now generates enough power to electrify approximately 2,4 million homes and businesses. About the scale that the company is reaching, Brian Savoy, Duke Energy’s executive vice president, said. “This next decade will be our biggest ever; and we’re well on our way to exceeding our decarbonization goals by growing our renewables portfolio to 16 GW by 2025; and 24 GW by 2030.”

He also remarked. “Renewables are playing a major role as we make strong progress toward our ambitious climate goals of at least 50% carbon reduction by 2030; and also net-zero by 2050.”

In addition, the company has created a lot of opportunities and benefits for the communities where it serves; according to the statement, Duke Energy employs nearly 700 wind and solar technicians, project developers, support staff, and third-party contract workers, as well as provides more than $29 million in annual lease payments to local landowners.

Furthermore, Chris Fallon, president of Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions, said. “Our projects deliver significant economic and environmental benefits; while providing unique sustainability solutions for our customers and also communities.”

Finally, the company has now the goal to reach 16,000 MW of clean energy capacity by 2025; and 47,000 MW by 2050. It has at least a dozen of new projects under construction coming online by the end of this year and the next.

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