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World’s First Solar City Car available in 2022 – SQUAD


This week, Holland-based automaker Squad Mobility announced that this fall, it will present the world’s first Solar City Car, which will be market-available in 2022. Accordingly, the model will be optimized for shared mobility and contribute to a liveable, accessible, and open city life.

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According to the company, the world’s first Solar City Car will help urban mobility be safe, accessible, and hassle-free.

In fact, in 2019, Squad Mobility started with a powerful vision, it says in a media release. Thus, a solar city car for everyone was the company’s primary goal. Further, it wanted to simplify mobility for users, fleet owners, and cities worldwide.

About the Solar City Car

As the Company says in a media release, the SQUAD’s Solar City Car will be easy to share since it provides customers with access, energy, space, and connectivity. Indeed, the two-seater vehicle will be easy to access and operate. Besides, it will charge automatically in sunlight and include swappable batteries.

Similarly, Squad Mobility noted the SQUAD’s Solar City Car will have a small size; thus, helping to navigate the city quickly and easily park anywhere. Further, the vehicle has a robust design which makes it safe and stable. Lastly, the company noted that essential vehicle data would be available 24/7 for fleet management and mobile app connection.


In this sense, Robert Hoevers, CEO of Squad Mobility, said: “Keeping a free-floating fleet charged is one of the main operational costs of an EV sharing fleet operator. Therefore, the automatic, wireless, and free solar charging is, of course, a wonderful solution.”

Also, “cities love solar charging, as this is a sustainable energy source. Accordingly, it decreases the load on the local charging infrastructure and energy demand,” continued Hoevers.

Finally, “cities are looking for zero-emission mobility solutions with a small space footprint. Thus, we have achieved both with a per capita energy consumption lower than public transport and a space footprint comparable to a bicycle. And all this, while offering the flexibility of personal transport and the comfort of a car,” concluded Squad’s CEO.

A sustainable and safe solution for city transportation

According to the Company, the vehicle, on top of a 100km range provided by the swappable batteries, will leverage automatic solar charging, which provides up to an extra 20km per day. Moreover, three SQUADS fit comfortably in one parking space.

Similarly, SQUAD’s Solar City Car is designed to withstand the wear and tear of heavy use. Thus, both interior and exterior are easy to clean, and broken parts are easy to replace. To reduce the vehicle’s carbon footprint, even more, the company said it used recycled materials where possible.

Finally, and it is worth noting, the bill of materials and construction are being optimized, making the SQUAD simply affordable. Besides, it will guarantee low CAPEX and OPEX for sharing operators.

For more information, visit SQUAD’s website, here.

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