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Distributed Energy Resources achieve 2000MW scale for Voltus Inc.

Voltus Distributed Energy Resources

Voltus Inc. a leader in distributed energy resources, also known as DER’s, announced this Friday it has achieved a scale milestone; it will provide over 2,000 megawatts (MWs) of DERs to the North American electric grid this summer; making it one of the fastest growing DER aggregators in industry history.

Firstly, the distributed energy resources milestone comes after five years, during which the company has successfully delivered its portfolio to North American grids, in order to lessen the demand peaks, therefore preventing outages and blackouts.

Secondly, according to the company’s statement, the need for more megawatts, or distributed energy resources, is already in effect across many parts of North America. It is palpable specially after the extreme weather conditions that endured Texas last February, for example.

Thirdly, just last week, Voltus dispatched its portfolio to support the MISO grid, providing nearly 140 MWs of distributed energy resources in response to rising temperatures and plant outages.

Moreover, this week ERCOT customers curtailed electricity consumption to avoid coincident peak charges amid public appeals for conservation.

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Distributed Energy Resources vital during outages and energy disruptions

In addition, about the relevance of Voltus’ milestone, Gregg Dixon, Voltus CEO, said. “We’ve secured over 2,000 MWs in less than five years; because we have a software platform that can deliver every category of DERs to every market in the U.S. and Canada.”

He also remarked. “We offer a unique opportunity for our national accounts and our DER partners to monetize these assets; regardless of location, on one unified platform.” On the other hand, Chief Product Officer, Dana Guernsey, said. “Two thousand megawatts is where our scale really kicks in.”

She also remarked. “Scale allows us to provide a more reliable resource to each of these grids; while optimizing the value of each individual distributed energy resource. The result is more cash delivered to more customers and partners.”

Furthermore, as said above, distributed energy resources proved to be vital during situations like the winter storm Uri. About the matter, Dixon concluded. “DERs proved their worth during the California and Texas energy crises last year; flattening the demand curve, and keeping the lights on for millions of people.”

Finally, he highlighted. “Our portfolio of the highest-quality DER assets is primed and ready to assist grid operators with the challenge of ensuring grid reliability this summer.”

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