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Buildings energy storage, the new agreement of Ozop Energy and CPE

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Energy storage within buildings, using them existing thermal mass and air conditioning systems to store power and therefore reduce CO2 emissions, is the objective of the new agreement between Ozop Energy Systems and Clean Peak Energy. Companies announced the agreement this Wednesday.

Firstly, Ozop Energy Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ozop Energy Solutions; a designer, developer and manufacturer of distributed and high-power devices for the electric industry. On the other hand, Clean Peak Energy (CPE) is a Stamford, CT-based company that focuses on using a building’s existing thermal mass and air conditioning systems to create energy storage; and reduce building related CO2 emissions.

Secondly, the agreement between the two companies includes a profit-sharing structure; which would be generated from referred by Ozop, that adopt CPE solutions. In turn, CPE, which also provides electric supply pricing for commercial customers, will additionally enable Ozop to offer customers competitive electric supply through CPE.

Thirdly, through the high-tech solutions of CPE, customers can save on energy costs with zero capital construction cost. Its patented solutions use the thermal mass within a building’s envelope and interior mass as energy storage.

Moreover, CPE takes advantage of cooler nighttime temperatures and air conditioning efficiency to store electricity; which, converted into cooled air, is then stored in the building’s mass and consequently available for any time.

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Energy storage in buildings could have a big impact on U.S. CO2 emissions

In addition, this availability of energy reduces demand, consumption, and costs during more expensive peak energy consumption times. However, it also has a big impact on emissions and the overall environmental footprint of the facility.

In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy more than 76% of all U.S. electricity use; and also, more than 40% of all U.S. energy use; as well as its associated GHG emissions, are associated with providing comfortable, well-lit, residential and commercial buildings.

Consequently, through saving energy from CPE’s solutions, customers and building owners can save money; which is necessary and a key driver in economic recovery and long-term sustainability.

Finally, about the relevance of the agreement, Ed Levene, Clean Peak Energy CEO, said. “We are happy to participate with Ozop Energy Systems; to offer their customers and companies access to CPE’s advanced energy storage and management technology; and also customer electricity supply programs.”

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