Meet the first hydrogen map that tracks projects globally; by Pillsbury

Hydrogen Map

Pillsbury has launched The Hydrogen Map; an initiative that will help companies, investors, and public in general to track hydrogen projects globally. Pillsbury is a law firm dedicated to innovation and energy technology practices,

Firstly, Pillsubury is the first law firm to create a full team dedicated to research of all things related to hydrogen; such team was the one who launched the map, intended to help the public and organizations to better understand the role of hydrogen in the current energy transition.

Secondly, the Pillsbury map concentrates on “green” and “blue” hydrogen projects; however, it also tracks facilities that use fossil fuel-based hydrogen but capture and store the carbonic emissions related to its production.

Thirdly, mainly, the map tracks production facilities that meet low-carbon thresholds; by using either zero-carbon sources such as renewables or nuclear power; as said above also the ones which capture, store and reuse CO2. The map has more than 200 projects already included.

Moreover, the map’s data will expand over time, with existing entries updated as projects progress and the potential to add more information to help readers find projects of interest to them.

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Hydrogen map to help a wide range of audience, from investors, developers to journalists

In addition, the map has already made some interesting findings; among the many, it found that, while 57 hydrogen projects (26% of those tracked) are currently operational, 58 others will be in development by the end of 2021.

Furthermore, the construction of another 92 is scheduled to begin in the next decade. Also, it found that global growth is driven by Western Europe and Asia Pacific; with these regions accounting for more than 83% of known low-carbon hydrogen projects; however, U.S.-based projects are on the rise.

On the other hand, Pillsbury energy partner and Deputy Energy Industry Group leader, Elina Teplinsky, said about the map. “This map will be a helpful tool for a broad audience of policy makers, industry participants and investors; also, sustainability analysts, advocates and journalists tracking the development of low-carbon hydrogen projects; it will also encourage dialog between those parties to further accelerate adoption of this transformational technology.”

Finally, you can visit the map and check out all of its data in

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