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New Clean-Hydrogen Hub in North Dakota – to be developed by Mitsubishi Power and Bakken Energy


Today, acquisition and development energy company Bakken Energy, LLC announced that with  Mitsubishi Power Americas, Inc., it signed a strategic partnership agreement to create a world-class clean hydrogen hub in North Dakota.

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Accordingly, this hub would consist of facilities that produce, store, transport, and consume clean hydrogen. Besides, the center will leverage pipelines to connect itself to other clean hydrogen hubs currently under development throughout North America.  

About the new clean-hydrogen hub for North Dakota

Worth noting, the Bakken Energy partnership to create a clean hydrogen hub joins Mitsubishi Power’s portfolio of innovative partnerships. Moreover, it highlights the company’s cross-sector teams’ partnerships that accelerate hydrogen technology realization.

Indeed, Mitsubishi Power has long-standing efforts in developing hydrogen technology. For instance, the company is currently building a hydrogen hub with Magnum Development in Utah to support the western U.S. Similarly, in May this year, Mitsubishi signed an agreement to develop hydrogen storage solutions with Texas Brine across the eastern U.S. The company also has numerous hydrogen projects and collaborations across North America.

Moreover, Bakken Energy is currently working via Mitsubishi Power’s support with Basin Electric Power Cooperative and its subsidiary Dakota Gasification Company. Particularly, the Project is focused on the potential acquisition and redevelopment of the Great Plains Synfuels Plant located near Beulah, North Dakota.

Therefore, the redevelopment would make the facility the largest producer of clean hydrogen in North America. Currently, the project is in due diligence, and specific details are confidential until that phase is complete.

Reception from Bakken Energy and Mitsubishi Power

In this sense, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum commented in a statement; “Blue hydrogen represents a huge opportunity for synergies with our existing energy development. Besides, these are exactly the innovative strategies that will bring North Dakota one step closer to being carbon neutral by 2030 with an all-of-the-above energy approach.”

Therefore, “we’re grateful that these companies are leading the way to make this the next big industry in North Dakota,” continued Gov. Burgum. Moreover, the state is committed to supporting the development of exciting value-added projects like this; particularly, to create jobs, diversify our economy and strengthen U.S. energy security.”

Similarly, Bakken Energy Founder and Chairman Steven E. Lebow added, “From the beginning, our company has been dedicated to optimal development and stewardship of North Dakota’s energy resources. In fact, we are a company of innovators and doers that make things happen in a big way.”

“We believe that clean hydrogen derived from natural gas, with the carbon captured and with its cost advantages, is the best way to accelerate the adoption of hydrogen,” said Mike Hopkins, CEO of Bakken Energy. “Bakken Energy intends to be the largest and lowest-cost producer of clean hydrogen in the United States.”

Finally, Paul Sukut, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Basin Electric Power Cooperative, said; “While still early in the due diligence process, we are excited about the prospect of the Great Plains Synfuels Plant being redeveloped into a world-class clean hydrogen complex. Also, everything that means for the workforce, the region, and the whole state.”

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