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Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions to build largest solar project to date

Duke Energy SS

Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions, a nonregulated commercial brand of Duke Energy, announced this Monday it will begin construction of its largest solar energy developments to date; the Pisgah Ridge Solar project, located in Navarro County, Texas.

Firstly, the project has begun construction; and once operational, it will be the largest project in the fleet of the company; it will have 250 megawatts of capacity. Moss will provide the engineering and construction for the project; while Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions will own and operate it.

Secondly, the company expects to achieve commercial operation by the end of 2022. It will be a big project that will employ 200 to 300 workers at peak construction. In fact, it will have direct and indirect economic benefits for the community; such as increased local spending in the service and construction industries.

Thirdly, the Pisgah Ridge Solar facility will also have a positive economic impact on the local community by providing significant tax revenues for the Corsicana Independent School District.

Moreover, the facility already holds three virtual power purchase agreements. The first one being with the Charles River Laboratories International Inc.; a leading provider of critical research tools and integrated support services that enable innovative and efficient drug discovery and development.

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Duke Energy Renewables

Duke Energy already agreed with three companies for VPPA

Furthermore, the laboratories signed a VPPA for 102 MW of the facility’s output, for a period of 15 years. Such commitment will also see the company offsetting the entirety of its North American electric power load with clean; also, renewable energy by 2023.

In addition, two other corporations have signed separate 15-year VPPA agreements for the remaining 148 MW of solar energy generated by the Pisgah Ridge Solar project. The details of those agreements was not disclosed.

On the other hand, Chris Fallon, president of Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions, said about the project. “We’re excited to continue to grow our Texas solar portfolio; which will provide additional energy resources for the citizens of Texas, to help meet their growing demand.”

He also remarked. “This project demonstrates how we can address the community’s need for clean energy resources; while providing unique sustainability solutions for customers like Charles River.”

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