Google and Fervo team up in world-class geothermal technology agreement

Google geothermal

Google announced this Tuesday it has entered into an agreement with the clean energy star-up, Fervo, to feed its data centers in Nevada with a 100% clean energy; the agreement implies the use of a world-class top-notch technology that brings geothermal to a whole new level.

Firstly, the agreement is the very first of its kind in the world; as it aims to the development of a next-generation geothermal project. It will provide an “always-on” solution for Google, to feed its data centers in Las Vegas with pure clean power.

Secondly, Fervo will begin adding firm geothermal power to the state’s grid by 2022; such grid would be the same that the Google’s data centers feed on. However, the agreement would also be beneficial for the state, where Google has one of the largest corporate solar storage PPA’s.

Thirdly, the collaboration will create a new platform for geothermal energy; and it brings its closer to be a firm and flexible carbon-free energy source. Specifically, for Google, it will allow it to run 24/7 carbon free energy by 2030.

Moreover, details about the amount of power were not disclosed; as the agreement is still in early stages of development. However, the companies did elaborate on the project’s natura and its top-notch technology.

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Not the first software-applied clean energy development by Google

In addition, the statement released today, says that Fervo will use advanced drilling, coupled with fiber-optic sensing; also, analytics and artificial intelligence to unlock a greater and more reliably source of energy.

Furthermore, it explained that the agreement also includes the development of AI, from Google, for the use of Fervo on the actual geothermal sites. This AI and machine learning technology developed by Google, will boost productivity and will fill the gaps and intermittences of other renewable sources.

Consequently, Fervo will be able to gather real-time data from wells, using fiber-optic cables; Fervo will know about pressure, temperature, and potential performance. Therefore, the company will identify where the best resource is; and will also control flow at various depths.

On the other hand, the statement says. “Coupled with the AI and machine learning development outlined above, these capabilities can increase productivity; and also unlock flexible geothermal power in a range of new places.”

Finally, this won’t be the first clean energy in which Google applies software. It also has a carbon-intelligent computing program for the monitoring of emissions in data centers. Also, during Earth Day, CEO Sundar Pichai announced that for the first time, five of our global data center sites operated near or at 90% carbon-free energy in 2020.

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