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Largest battery storage unit in New Hampshire completed by NHEC and ENGIE


Today, New Hampshire Electric Cooperative (NHEC) announced the completion of its first utility-scale energy storage project. In fact, NHEC developed the 2.45 MW battery project in partnership with ENGIE North America.  

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Accordingly, ENGIE will own and operate the Moultonborough, New Hampshire battery unit, where NHEC already has a 2 MW solar array installed.

The benefits of having a battery unit: NHEC and ENGIE

In this sense, the battery unit will charge from NHEC’s distribution system during times of low demand. On the other hand, it will discharge during periods of peak regional electricity use.

Therefore, by discharging during hours of peak electric usage, the battery will save NHEC’s members on regional market and delivery charges.  Besides, the battery unit will help reduce demand on the grid.

As part of the partnership agreement, NHEC will discharge the battery to supply energy to its members 70 times per year. Accordingly, these discharges will help reduce NHEC’s transmission charges and regional capacity payments.

Moreover, the battery project will provide the company with insight and direct experience into how battery storage technologies respond to price signals. In fact, NHEC estimates these discharges will save its members $2.3 million over the next 12 years.


“Energy storage is a rapidly evolving technology that has a key place in our strategic vision for our business model of the future. Thus, it’s important for NHEC to gain firsthand experience with batteries. Particularly, so we can better understand the benefits they have to offer our members and the operation of our system;” said Steve Camerino, President, and CEO of NHEC.

“As more Co-op members install their own batteries, NHEC needs to be ready to support them with a flexible, responsive grid. Therefore, we are excited to make significant progress on our strategic vision through this innovative partnership with ENGIE.”

Similarly, Laura Beane, Chief Renewables Officer of ENGIE North America, said; “We are delighted to have completed this leading-edge storage project alongside NHEC.”

“The addition of battery storage systems such as these are not only delivering real value to customers today; but also helping to accelerate the energy transition,” she continued. Thus, “NHEC’s leadership in commissioning this project reflects their commitment to innovation in supporting cost-effective, clean energy for their members.”

New Hampshire’s largest battery storage unit

In fact, this battery storage unit is the largest in New Hampshire and can fully charge or discharge within two hours. Accordingly, NHEC and ENGIE received all necessary approvals from the Town of Moultonborough.

Remarkably, the battery is housed in a pre-fabricated 40-foot container located within NHEC’s solar facility in Moultonborough. The battery unit has on-site fire suppression equipment, and ENGIE will monitor it 24 hours a day, year-round.

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