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How Kingspan is changing the game in its Modesto plant towards sustainability


Kingspan Insulated Panels North America is changing the game in its Modesto manufacturing plant, in California. The company announced this Tuesday it is incorporating new sustainability measures as part of its Planet Passionate program.

Firstly, the Planet Passionate program is an ambitious, decade-long commitment to cutting down carbon emissions between 2020 and 2030 in the company’s portfolio; specifically, Kingspan would achieve it through upcycling, renewable energy and a PV solar implementation.

Secondly, precisely, on those three areas the company is leveraging to change the pace in its Modesto plant, which produces Kingspan’s QuadCore insulation panels. However, the Modesto plant is significant, as it is the City of Modesto’s third largest employer.

Thirdly, the plant has been operating in the city of Modesto, California, since 2008; it is one Kingspan’s five plants in North America, and it has an investment of over $23 million. Consequently, it is important for the company to address sustainability at the plant’s core.

That’s why the company is implementing three major changes in its energy use; its carbon footprint, and the circularity of its usage and economy. In the first place, the company is installing a solar panel in the plant’s roof that will generate 1,4 megawatts of clean electricity.

Moreover, such output will position the company on the way to meet its Planet Passionate goal of 60% direct renewable energy; while contributing to 20% on-site renewable generation. Such moves would cut the carbon footprint of the plant.

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Kingspan addressing climate change and pollution

In addition, in regards to its carbon footprint, Kingspan pretends to achieve net-zero carbon manufacturing, and a 50% reduction in product CO2 intensity from its primary supply partners.

On the other hand, in regards to circular economy, Kingspan will upgrade the Modesto plant in order to upcycle over a billion PET bottles per year to manufacture its insultation products. Furthermore, the plant will generate zero waste to landfill.

Consequently, Kingspan’s Modesto plant will have an average of 9 or 12% of recycled content of its insulation foam. All of these efforts come within the Planet Passionate program; which is aligned to global scale efforts to tackle climate change and pollution.

In fact, the United Nations has warned the world produces 300 million tons of plastic waste each year; the equivalent of the weight from the entire human population. Consequently, if nothing is done, by 2050 the oceans could contain more plastic than fish. Kingspan pretends to tackle that gap of opportunity.

Finally, Brent Trenga, Kingspan’s Director of Sustainability, said. “We need to address every aspect of sustainability when it comes to the built environment. With each plant, we are finding new ways to meet and even exceed our goals in order to fulfill our commitment to tackling climate change.”

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