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Tornado Attic well – Seadrill’s West Neptune drillship contracted by Talos Energy – Q1 report


As part of its Q1 operational and financial results announcement, Talos Energy reported yesterday that it contracted Seadrill’s West Neptune drillship. Accordingly, this contract consists of drilling activities in the Tornado Attic well in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico (GOM) by West Neptune.

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West Neptune contracted for drilling activities in Tornado Attic well

Yesterday, Talos Energy announced that it contracted Seadrill’s West Neptune drillship for drilling activities in the Tornado Attic well.

In fact, this well is located in the deepwater GOM (in blocks 280 and 281 of the GOM Green Canyon area). Also, the report comes as part of Talos Energy’s Q1 operational and financial results announcement.

Indeed, the Tornado Attic well will maximize its waterflood enhanced oil recovery project in the field, Talos said in a press release. Accordingly, the Company also noted that the additional infill well would provide additional production.  

Besides, the well will receive pressure support from the previously completed deepwater “dump-flood” intra-well waterflood project. Notably, Talos Energy described the last project as “a first of its kind” in the deepwater GOM.

Therefore, West Neptune is expected to arrive on location during the first half of this month. Similarly, Talos expects Seadrill’s drillship to begin with drilling activities shortly after that.

Talos Energy on contracting Seadrill’s drillship

In this regard, Talos Energy’s President and Chief Executive Officer Timothy S. Duncan commented: “The first quarter of 2021 was a busy period for Talos with multiple developments and exploration projects underway. Thus, we achieved success across the board on those projects; ranging from in-field developments to a high-impact deepwater sub-salt discovery at Puma West.”

Moreover, “we believe this discovery (Puma West) builds momentum around our sub-salt Miocene portfolio in our Green Canyon and Mississippi Canyon core areas. In fact, in these areas, we are focused on accelerating significant value creation in the coming years through exploration.”

Expressly, Mr. Duncan referred to the project in Tornado field with the following statement; “On the development and exploitation front, we look forward to drilling an additional well at Tornado; particularly, to maximize our waterflood project.”

Additionally, the operator added that it anticipates a production impact from Tornado Attic during the third quarter of this year. I fact, when the company reported an operations update on March 10, 2021, it noted that it expects the Tornado water flood and Tornado Attic well to augment field recovery by approximately 25-35 million barrels of oil equivalent (boe).

In fact, Talos owns a 65% working interest in the Tornado field. On the other hand, Kosmos Energy holds the remaining 35% stake.

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