Clean Energy secures new deals and expands its sustainable RNG demand

Clean Energy RNG

Clean Energy Fuels Inc, the undisputed leader of clean fuels in the United States, announced this Wednesday the securing of new contracts for renewable natural gas (RNG) supply; specifically, to transportation fleets across North America, as the sector increases its demand for low to negative carbon fuels.

Firstly, the RNG that Clean Energy supplies comes from capturing the biogenic methane produced by the decomposition of organic waste; from dairies, landfills, and wastewater treatment plants.

Secondly, it has at least 70% reduction of harmful greenhouse gas emissions; however, depending on the source of the RNG, it can reduce even 300% of these gases, making it a negative carbon fuel solution.

Thirdly, some of the agreements that the company has secured, include one for 2,5 million gallons of RNG to Pac Anchor, a port drayage company that serves the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.

Moreover, about the contract with Clean energy, Alfredo Barajas, president of Pac Anchor Transportation said. “We are firm believers in sustainability; providing the cleanest technology while safeguarding the livelihood of our employees. That’s why we chose RNG trucks, a tried-and-true technology that helps us deliver results in real time for our communities and clients.”

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Clean Energy RNG fleets

Clean Energy expands to Canada and RNG fueling stations

Furthermore, Cal Portland also signed an agreement with the company for one million gallons of RNG; for a 150 ready mix and bulk hauler natural gas trucks fleet. Biagi Bros., a large nationwide carrier whose customers include Anheuser-Busch and PepsiCo; as well as EVO Transportation & Energy Services, Inc., are also among the companies with new contracts.

In addition, Clean Energy has partnered with GTrans; the City Gardena’s transit division, on a $4.6 million project to design and build a new CNG station for the City’s 40 transit buses; and install safety remote monitoring equipment for their bus maintenance facility.

On the other hand, Clean Energy has also expanded to the Canada market. There, the company has opened a station for BC Transit; also, Central Frazier Valley Center, where 60 buses will fuel with an approximate 13 million gallons over the duration of the contract.

Finally, Chad Lindholm, vice president, Clean Energy Fuels, said about the expansion. “Fleets are learning that RNG, together with natural gas engine technology, is a proven solution that can significantly decrease the impact of harmful emissions; while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

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